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Tim Powers – Con strategist – can’t answer questions about strategy

A rather amusing – and very enlightening – exchange today on The Current, CBC Radio One’s national morning news program. There were lots of interviews while everyone was waiting for Stephen Harper to finish his meeting with Michaelle Jean, the Governor General.

We know that language and how it’s used is very important. People are very conscious of that. So we generally prefer not to use words like “negro” or “faggot” except in very particular and approved circumstances. We choose less inflammatory terms where possible, and when we use more inflammatory terms, it’s generally deliberate.

So Anna Maria Tremonti asks Conservative strategist Tim Powers why the Cons have now started using the word “separatists” for the Bloc and their supporters, after having used “sovereigntists” for 20 years or so. “Separatist” being the more inflammatory word, and the change in the choice of language clearly being deliberate.

So what is Tim Powers’ response? He starts. talking. down. to. her. in. short. syllables. like. Anna. Maria. is. five. years. old. And dodges the question of why they deliberately changed language, pretending language doesn’t matter because these guys are separatists, after all, so that’s that. (Though that didn’t seem to bother the Cons when they made their own deals with the Bloc in the past, to govern together if they could bring down the Liberal minority. But I digress.)

And when asked, therefore, why in his TV address last night, Harper used “separatists” when addressing English-speakers but used “sovereigntists” when addressing French-speakers — what was Powers’ response? “Oh, I don’t speak French. so I can’t answer that.”

THIS is a Con strategist. But by golly, don’t ask him to answer any questions about, you know, strategy or stuff.

Or he’ll act like you’re five years old and totally stupid, and he won’t even answer your questions.


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