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Right-Wing War on Women: Good Christian Rick Perry Happily Sacrifices Millions of Poor Women’s Health

“May the ghosts of Molly Ivins and Ann Richards rise to haunt Rick Perry all his days.”

All poor American women in the saintly state of Texas who rely on Medicaid for their health services are losing all health services because good, saintly Christian governor Rick Perry wants to stop a few abortions.

Texas Loses Entire Women’s Health Program Over Planned Parenthood Law

The Department of Health and Human Services announced on Thursday that it will cut off all Medicaid funding for family planning to the state of Texas, following Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) decision to implement a new law that excludes Planned Parenthood from the state’s Medicaid Women’s Health Program.

By federal law, no state can restrict women’s choices of provider for their health services. But good Christian Rick Perry insists on excluding Planned Parenthood, because some of their clinics provide abortions. It doesn’t matter that, despite right-wing lies to the contrary, abortion is a relatively minor percentage of what Planned Parenthood provides (most of what it does involves women’s general health, including breast health and matters relating to contraception).

Nope, good Christlike Christian Rick Perry would rather let millions of women die to make sure a small percentage of those women can’t possibly get an abortion. (And does he really think they still won’t?? Back-alley abortions, here we come! But a lot more women will die because they resort to that — which is probably what Perry is hoping for anyway. Millions of women die! Men get to rule unopposed! Hurrah!)

As my friend Pat Washburn said, when she posted this news link on Facebook:

“May the ghosts of Molly Ivins and Ann Richards rise to haunt Rick Perry all his days.”

Amen, sister! And good saintly Jesus-follower Rick Perry — may he burn in his beloved hell. And may we women get to watch.


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Right-Wing War on Women: Rick Perry and the Texas Taliban (“This is pure evil”)

Rick Perry, woman-hating leader of the Texas Taliban

Woman-hating leader of the Texas Taliban, Rick Perry

The Texas Taliban, otherwise known as the right-wingnut theocratic regime of Texas governor Rick Perry, have this torture of a woman laid solely at their doors. No doubt they would chuckle in glee when they read this, because that’s what the Taliban does.

A triumph for the Texas Taliban:

From the moment he was born, my doctor told us, our son would suffer greatly.

But did the state of Texas, under the godly, merciful regime of Rick Perry, care one whit? No.

My counselor said that the law required me to have another ultrasound that day, and that I was legally obligated to hear a doctor describe my baby.

The counselor could no more change the government requirement than I could. Yet here was a superfluous layer of torment piled upon an already horrific day, and I wanted this woman to know it.

But did the state of Texas, under the godly, merciful regime of Rick Perry, care one whit? No.

“I’m so sorry that I have to do this,” the doctor told us, “but if I don’t, I can lose my license.”

When the description was finally over, the doctor held up a script and said he was legally obliged to read me information provided by the state.

As Ophelia Benson, author of this blog post, says, “This is pure evil.”

This is gleeful, wanton torture of a woman, by the godly, merciful, theocracy-based regime of Rick Perry, to badger and force her to have a baby whose future will be nothing but suffering — a baby that Rick Perry’s state will abandon and refuse to help from the moment they force it to be born.

This is — this is — this IS — pure evil.

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