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“Baby Bangs” – where are the feminists when we need them??

My first thought was to say, “This isn’t political, but it still bothers me.”

But this is political, dammit!

Baby Bangs! Made Just for Little Girls!

This ad is for something that mothers can foist on their baby girls so Everyone! Will! Know! they’re not boys. (Because babies are mostly bald, so otherwise, How Would Anyone Know??) (And apparently, it’s Absolutely Crucial That We Know.)

This is, essentially, a WIG. A headband you stick on the poor little baby’s head, with strands of hair hanging from it that make it look like the cute witto girlie has bangs. And by the way — the headband is all prettyflowerygirly. No makin’ a mistake here, by golly! This is a GIRL. (And yegods, that insane tutu that poor baby is wearing! What — someone is going to look at that and think this is a boy??)

So. We want to start early. Tell our little girls that FROM THE WOMB they are not good enough, and must be improved, must have a prescribed concept of “femininity” thrust on them. This is the prelude to their entire busy life of preoccupation with their weight, their hair colour, whether their nose is the “right” shape, whether they’re tall enough (or too tall), whether they’re pretty enough, blah blah blah blah blah.

What’s the problem with someone not knowing she’s a girl, when she’s that little? What’s the problem with telling someone, if they (understandably) get it wrong? Or even not bothering, if it’s not essential to the conversation?

C’mon, idiot parents. She’ll have plenty of time in her life to be objectified and sexualized and forced into a societal gender roll, whether or not it’s good for her. Give her at least a few months, early on, to be herself and HAVE THAT BE GOOD ENOUGH.


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If I can’t have my toys, nobody can (or, it’s not the religion, it’s the MEN)

Yet another case of a man who is affronted that his property — pardon me, his wife — wants a divorce and will no longer be in what he perceives as his control.

So naturally, he kills her.

Same scenario played out countless times in North America, by men who are such whiny babies that if someone they perceive as “theirs” doesn’t want to be with them any more, they are unable to be grownup and accept the valid choice of their equal, adult partner, but must throw a violent tantrum. The equivalent of stomping all over their toys to make sure that if the toys are being taken away from them, nobody else can own them or enjoy them — ever.

Men who grew to be five years old, and stayed there. Stupid, stupid little immature, whiny babies.

There’s one difference in this story, though: the man and woman had started Bridges TV, a television station “with the message of developing understanding between North America and the Middle East and South Asia.”

That means that all Muslims, even moderate ones, are going to get tarred with the same brush as this guy. So he’s destroyed a whole roomful of everyone else’s toys, not just his own. He must feel real powerful now, that hollow little shell of a man.

Nancy Sanders, a former employee of Bridges TV, says in the article that she doesn’t believe this was an “honour killing,” but that it was just the conclusion of a streak of domestic violence that had been going on in the family for a while.

She may be right, in theory. But the fact is that these men always find an excuse in their beliefs. It is not a coincidence that this man beheaded his wife. There’s your “honour killing” tradition just staring you in the face. It was there, perfectly at hand for this man, when he wanted it.

Fundamentalist belief systems give these men exactly what they’re looking for when they want to wreck their toys. It doesn’t even matter how “moderate” they are. That goes for all fundamentalisms — Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu — they all have the weapons just waiting for their men to use against the women they regard as their property. Same song, always, in perpetuity — just a different tune occasionally.

And frankly, it’s when your philosophy meets a real test that you discover whether or not you truly believe it. This guy’s “moderation” only lasted while it was convenient and he didn’t have to work to live up to it. First big test his philosophy meets? BLAM.

Small, whiny little immature bug of a tantrum-throwing baby. So much for your principles, pig.

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