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No Guns in Hero’s Hands, but School Shooting Prevented Anyway; Sorry, NRA

I’m sure the NRA is terribly disappointed about this. But when a man came into a Decatur, Georgia school yesterday, planning to kill as many defenceless kids as possible because he had nothing left to live for (Yep. Logical.), school clerk Antoinette Tuff stopped him before he killed anybody at all.

She must have been loaded down with weapons that were superior to his, right? Something waaaaay more powerful than his AK-47 assault rifle and other weapons. Something that seriously frightened and intimidated him, that totally overpowered him and cowed him into giving up his goal of going out in what he thought of as a blaze of “glory.” Right?

As a matter of fact, Ms. Tuff was in fact carrying superior weaponry. She had compassion and words. She was able to reason with him, to talk him down, to relate to him and get him to relate to her. While she talked with him, all the students in the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy were safely evacuated.

So there was no blood-soaked, heroic last stand while the defender was the last woman standing in a field of bodies, bringing down the attacker at last with killing weapons. There was no heroic shootout around corners as the defender kept the students safe behind her while she exchanged gunfire to prevent the gunman from getting at them. There were no gun-caused deaths and no deaths at all.

Just soul-to-soul words.

I’m sure Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association is bitterly disappointed.

Interview with Antoinette Tuff

(Thanks to Rachel George and Polycimic for this story: Antoinette Tuff: Meet the Woman Who Prevented a Mass School Shooting Yesterday)


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