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Right-Wing War on Women: One Doctor Speaks, and WHERE ARE THE REST??

If doctors don't speak, we WILL blame them

At least one doctor is speaking loudly and clearly about all these state-sanctioned rape laws that right-wing Republicans are happily creating in their War on Women. Good for him.

An anonymous physician posted on John Scalzi’s widely read blog on Tuesday: Guest Post: A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds

He has no compunction whatsoever about calling this rape. At least he understands the definition of rape, even if male Republican legislators do not. (Except I think they do. I think these men are deeply aroused at the thought of universal raping of women they disapprove of.) Anyway, this is what he says:

I do not feel that it is reactionary or even inaccurate to describe an unwanted, non-indicated transvaginal ultrasound as “rape”. If I insert ANY object into ANY orifice without informed consent, it is rape. And coercion of any kind negates consent, informed or otherwise.

Doctor? Thank you.

And he counsels fellow doctors on all sorts of means of enacting civil disobedience.

It is our responsibility, as always, to protect our patients from things that would harm them. Therefore, as physicians, it is our duty to refuse to perform a medical procedure that is not medically indicated. Any medical procedure. Whatever the pseudo-justification.

Amen and amen! And he has no illusions whatsoever about the role of doctors in the minds of the nasty Republicans who are devising this state-sanctioned rape:

Fellow physicians, once again we are being used as tools to screw people over. This time, it’s the politicians who want to use us to implement their morally reprehensible legislation. They want to use our ultrasound machines to invade women’s bodies, and they want our hands to be at the controls. Coerced and invaded women, you have a problem with that? Blame us evil doctors. We are such deliciously silent scapegoats.

Yep. That’s it exactly. The right-wingers always use someone else to do their dirty work (and take the blame) whenever they can manipulate things that way.

This doctor then describes several ways that doctors can engage in this civil disobedience. It’s a good list. And I hope thousands and thousands of responsible doctors follow it — you know, until we can throw these Republican Rapists out of office once and for all.

So. One very good, thinking doctor with a conscience has spoken aloud. That’s great.

Now, where are the rest of you, and when are YOU going to fight back against this state-enforced rape and their use of you as the scapegoats??

Because, doctors, all of you who haven’t made a peep since this started? If you don’t disobey these laws or even speak against them — we women WILL blame you. And we’ll be right to do so.



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  1. Now there’s a doctor who’s true-blue to the Hippocratic Oath … wonderful article, everyone should read it and share it widely! I was particularly impressed by his concluding remarks, an impassioned call to his colleagues to rouse them to action:

    >It comes down to this: When the community has failed a patient by voting an ideologue into office…When the ideologue has failed the patient by writing legislation in his own interest instead of in the patient’s…When the legislative system has failed the patient by allowing the legislation to be considered… When the government has failed the patient by allowing something like this to be signed into law… We as physicians cannot and must not fail our patients by ducking our heads and meekly doing as we’re told.

    >Because we are their last line of defense.

    At least the ideologues are being consistent — they insist on warping the law to ensure that those they view as sinners suffer! For awhile in the 1980s and 90s it looked as though they had Nature’s God on their side, when AIDS came along and there was hardly anything in the pharmacopoeia to even slow its ravages … you could fairly hear them chortle (and indeed Patrick Buchanan literally said) that the gays were paying the expected price for going against Nature (and of course God), the wages of sin being death, dontyaknow! And now the women who use birth control and indulge their libidos must also be shamed and humiliated til they get with God’s program and let Nature take its course — it’s Tradition! that illicit boinking must be paid for by pregnancy.

    Well, I’ve got a few traditions in mind that should be revived for use on such politicians, but somehow I don’t think they’d much cotton to tar and feathers, dunking stools, or public stocks.

    Comment by mark1147 | March 22, 2012 | Reply

  2. Ha! What those politicians are going to get, I suspect, is an increasing number of street protests and riots. And if they don’t remember their history and do some backtracking, they may get a good old-fashioned (they should like that) American Revolution.

    I’m sure that Jerry Falwell gleefully said or thought that AIDS was God’s judgement too. Nasty bastards, all of them.

    Comment by Phyl | March 23, 2012 | Reply

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