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Right-Wing War on Women: States Encourage Doctors to LIE to Stop Women’s Abortion Choices

Those well-studied, fact-filled state legislators in Kansas and New Hampshire have now either passed or are about to pass bills that force doctors to lie to women wanting abortions. These doctors, against all the medical information they have, are still obviously not as well-informed as the right-wing, non-medical, professional politicians about how women’s bodies react to various procedures.

Therefore doctors will be forced to lie to women and tell them the untruth that abortion increases their risk of breast cancer.

See this article by Eric Zorn, in the Chicago Tribune: The undisputed nerve of anti-abortion state legislators

Zorn lists medical organization after medical organization that describes studies showing no extra risk of breast cancer for women who’ve had abortions than there is for women who have not. But those non-medical right-wing professional politicians still know better than medical researchers, I guess.

Or they gnash their teeth at the thought that women are independent and can actually choose both when to have sex and when to be parents. And — worst crime of all, which the right-wing male Republican professional politicians absolutely cannot abide — they are not under the control of men.

This resentment has been festering for a long, long time, and right-wing men have finally found a way (they think) to get those damn uppity women back under male control.

One of the methods is by coercing doctors to go against all their knowledge — and lie.



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