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Right-Wing War on Women: Medical Community Speaks Up — FINALLY

How many months has it been, again, that the neo-Con Republicans and their ilk have been attacking women right and left, with opposition to contraception (a battle that women won forty years ago, for gods’ sake) and unnecessary, invasive medical procedures meant to do nothing except try to shame women and punish them for having sex?

Well, finally the medical establishment is starting to make itself heard.

Medical community: Oppose the mandatory ultrasound bills

In helping to delay the Pennsylvania mandatory ultrasound bill, the medical community there made some important points:

  1. Ramming this bill down women’s throats — pardon me, up their vaginas — would jeopardize physician-patient confidentiality.
  2. It would also be medically irresponsible to insist on gratuitous ultrasounds when no medical purpose whatsoever would be served by them.

Which demonstrates what we all know — that the women’s actual health is not the goal of these male Republicans. Bills like this are right-wing men’s attempts to bully and try to make these women feel ashamed, both for having sex and for not wanting to be mothers.

That’s a given. But what I want to know is this: where have these doctors been all this time? Sure, it’s nice that a few of them are finally opening their mouths. But are the people who took the Hippocratic Oath themselves so frightened of these male Republicans, so afraid of losing their jobs or good salaries, that they will silently jeopardize their female patients’ health rather than open their mouths?

This had better be the first salvo in a battle of responsible doctors against ignorant male Republicans. Or we’ll know that the American medical community, too, is more about power and money than about health. The state of the American “health” system already suggests that. I’d like the doctors in the U.S. not to confirm it.



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Right-Wing War on Women: John McCain Has No Principles Except Power

Power-hungry John McCainJohn McCain is a slavering. power-hungry snake.

First, he votes for legislation that would let employers use their religion to prevent female employees from having contraception covered in their health insurance.

But now he sees that — *gasp* — women are voters too, and aren’t going to stand for it much longer, having male Republicans’ hands stuck up their vaginas! So, always with a keen eye for who to pander to, to try to get lots and lots of power (can you say “Sarah Palin,” anyone?), McCain is now counselling his fellow Republicans to let up on their war against women.

After Backing Anti-Birth Control Blunt Amendment, McCain Now Says GOP Needs To ‘Get Off’ War on Women

On Meet the Press, when asked if he thinks there’s a Republican war on women, McCain said:

I think we have to fix that. I think that there is a perception out there because of how this whole contraception issue played out — ah, we need to get off of that issue, in my view. I think we ought to respect the right of women to make choices in their lives and make that clear, and get back onto what the American people really care about.

Nice try, Johnny boy. But women have noticed. And do you think they’re so simple-minded that just shutting your mouths till early November is going to make them forget that you had your hands all over their genitals?? Not bloody likely, bucko.

You used to have some principles, John. How low the principled have fallen.

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Right-Wing War on Women: Doonesbury “abortion strip,” Day Six

Sorry, I didn’t realize the strip would go on Saturday too, even though I should have remembered that.

So without further ado, Doonesbury “abortion strip,” Day Six.

“The Republican party is hoping you get caught in a shame spiral, and change your mind.”

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