Designated Driver of North America

Dear Libya…

So have you figured it out yet, Libya?

The big democratic powers of the world will leap to your defense — if, you know, you’re European, like Kosovo. But African? Not a chance. No way.

Therefore you’re on your own, to fight and bleed and die and end up back under the thumb of one of the nastiest, evil dictators of our time.

You don’t even have enough oil, like Iraq did, and you certainly don’t have any western democratic leader eager to play out a family grudge against the leader, as Iraq did.

So. Sorry to say this, Libya — but in the eyes of the western democratic countries, you’re no better than Rwanda was. You are democratically fucked.

But don’t worry. The western democracies will gladly come in when it’s all over — when all the pieces are being picked up and the bodies buried — when they can MAKE A PROFIT from your suffering.


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