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Sarah Palin is fucking crazy. That is all.

It’s instructive to me that nobody among the Republicans is telling Palin to shut the hell up and talk like a decent, rational, civilized person instead of a crazed Nazi propaganda minister.

Palin doubles down on ‘death panels’

This is what right-wingnuttery has brought society to. And people wonder how the Germans could have accepted the idea that they were a Master Race and the death camps were perfectly acceptable ways to deal with people they didn’t like, and Jews and gays and lesbians and gypsies and all sorts of others were not just expendable, but ought to be killed.

The Monster is always there, just under the surface. And if there’s anything a fundamentalist is good at — whether it’s a Christian fundamentalist, Muslim fundamentalist, Sikh fundamentalist, or Judaistic fundamentalist — it’s awakening the monster in their sheep-like followers, and teaching them to think with extreme emotions and NOT WITH THEIR BRAINS.

Could people have spoken like this – said the horrible things Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter and their ilk now say with blithe unconcern – thirty years ago, without getting shouted down or shunned in horror for being so rabid? NO. But three decades of whittling away at rationality, justice, and civil behaviour have now made this rabidity commonplace, and acceptable to unthinking right-wingnuts.

Thank you for illustrating that horrifyingly wicked tactic so clearly, Sarah Palin.

And John McCain…? There’s a special place in hell reserved for you, for setting this particular Monster loose in the world.


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