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Dear Premier Stelmach: Alberta is only the same *size* as England…

In the “Just How Stupid Do You Think People Are” category, I give you this:

Photo hasn’t been a trip to the beach for Alberta rebranding campaign

Tourism officials in northeastern England are both pleased and baffled by a new $25-million Alberta rebranding campaign that features a photo of children frolicking on one of its North Sea beaches.

While the tagline on the advertisement reads: “Alberta: Freedom to Create. Spirit to Achieve.”, the Alberta government has confirmed the photo was taken near the English village of Bamburgh in Northumberland.

Because clearly, there are no photos of any nice Alberta scenery around. Nope. Nothing like that.

And rather than admitting the wrong move, the provincial spin doctors did their usual thing, of course, as every politician alive feels compelled to do:

“There’s no attempt to make people think that this is Alberta,” Tom Olsen, a spokesman for Premier Ed Stelmach, told the Edmonton Journal.

“There’s no attempt to mislead. That picture just fit the mood and tone of what we were trying to do.”

Translation #1: “…’cause everyone on the planet is rilly rilly stupid, unable to make inferences based on context, and is gullible enough to swallow any crap we feed them, including this explanation.”

Reiteration #1: “Because clearly, there are no photos of any nice Alberta scenery around. Nope. Nothing like that.” (See above)

This lying (or colossally stupid, take your pick) government official only admitted there had been an error when his nose was deeply rubbed into it. No such thing as, you know, really taking responsibility for stupidity. Can’t have that.

And lest the lying spin be too thin on the ground, the Alberta Tourism minister chimes in as well:

Tourism Minister Cindy Ady told reporters that her department wasn’t involved in the rebranding campaign (it was spearheaded by an Edmonton-based public-relations firm).

Translation #2: “We never did anything, and anyway, it was their fault!”

‘Cause of course nobody in the government who was actually in charge of this project would have bothered to notice that photos of England were being used to promote Alberta before signing off on the finished product.

Nope. Nothing like that.


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