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So what colour star will they have to wear, d’you suppose?

The new extreme right-wing rising star of Israeli politics, Avigdor Lieberman, has some interesting proposals for Israeli citizens.

Check out this article in the Guardian:

He would insist that every Israeli swear an oath of loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state: anyone who loses will lose his citizenship.

Israel Beytenu denies this is racist, insisting that every Israeli will have to swear the oath, Jewish or Arab. It is true that plenty of ultra-orthodox Jews who don’t accept the authority of a godless secular state may also refuse. But the target is clearly Israel’s 1.45 million Arabs. If they will not swear their allegiance, explains Lieberman deputy Uzi Landau, “They will have residency rights but no right to vote or be in the Knesset.”

It is a truly shocking idea. I asked several Israel Beytenu luminaries if they could name a single democracy anywhere that had removed citizenship from those who already had it. I asked what they would make of demanding that, say, British Jews, swear an oath of loyalty to Britain as a Christian country on pain of losing their right to vote. I got no good answers.***[Emphasis mine]

So now I’m wondering. Since even people who were born and raised in Israel and were born citizens can have their citizenship stripped from them if, like the ultra-orthodox, they are not allowed to swear allegience to an earthly power or if — like any balanced, rational, democratic individual on the planet, they believe that this is an atrocity and refuse to swear — what happens then?

Will they have to wear a yellow star, to show everyone they’re suddenly non-citizens? Or will Lieberman let them pick the colour?

(*** Perhaps there was no answer because these people were following the American Republican line: it’s horrible when it’s done TO US. But jolly fine when we do it to EVERYONE ELSE. ‘Cause we’re, you know, the good guys and stuff. Just ask us. To hell with human rights and equality.)


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