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Proposition Hate donors, and Google Maps

Oh my. Look at what someone has done: created a mashup of Google Maps and the publically-available list of donors to California’s recent Proposition Hate 8 campaign to destroy gay and lesbian marriages and their families.

Every flag posted on one of the three maps for San Francisco, Orange Country, and Salt Lake City — waitaminnit, since when was Salt Lake City in California, dammit?? Ahem. As I was saying, every flag on each map represents one donor to the Prop Hate campaign.

Click on a flag, and the donor’s name comes up. It also lists who they work for, and how much they donated, each time they sent money. The flag is pinned to their address. You could walk up to their door if you wanted.

Is this an invasion of privacy? I’ve been mulling this all morning and have decided: NO. This information is already available to the public. Every bit of it.

And frankly — when someone has supported a campaign to destroy their fellow citizens’ rights, destroy their marriages, destroy their families — these anti-family-values people ought to be proud to stand up and be counted in public. Proud to stand up and look the people whose lives they’ve tried to destroy straight in the eyes.

Go. Click for a while. Know these people.


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  1. I think you SHOULD “fear retribution” if you vote to harm other families in the ways that PROP 8 does; the stupidity of it all is that NO ONE mentions the real life consequences that DO OCCUR when rights (everyone else deems essential) are NOT in place.

    I know people who have LOST their:
    – child
    – home
    – career
    – ability to work
    – possessions

    THIS is reason enough to put a bullet through someone’s head……as ANY typical HET male would probably do in a heartbeat IF they had a segment of society voting AWAY rights that are civil rights. Religious institutions better stay the F*** away from us in civil law, or else some may decide that their churches need to suffer more harm if they have disposable income to spend on H8-ing MY family. Cause and Effect.

    I used to be non-violent in every possible way; now that I’ve actually EXPERIENCED how marriage IN-equality can affect a life, I’m borderline homicidal. (I said borderline). But I seriously doubt I am the ONLY gay person who has been harmed by legal inequity, and am starting to want others to start TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their actions.

    Families, with and without children, SUFFER due to marriage inequality. We have EVERY RIGHT to fight back with all our might when laws and justice itself have both LOST THEIR MINDS in U.S. Law.

    Comment by johnbisceglia | January 30, 2009 | Reply

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