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Harper “Conservatives:” – Don’t do as we DO, do as we TELL YOU (Redux)

Matt Gurney’s National Post article on December 16, 2008 (Senate seats on sale in aisle five — Canadian or American, take your pic), summed it up pretty well:

In Ottawa, years of Tory disdain for the unelected upper chamber of the Canadian Parliament has been swept away by a sudden frenzy of interest in parachuting in loyal Conservatives while Stephen Harper still holds the reins of power. … Pushed to the edge by the prospect of the Liberal-dominated upper chamber  being reinforced by the insertion of up to 18 more by the still-scary Liberal/NDP Coalition, Harper has decided he  better fill those seats with Tory bottoms before it’s too late.

…it’s a wonder to behold: Harper is now so politically shrewd that he’s effectively, ruthlessly and decisively attacking…his own positions.

Now that Stephen Harper – that great hater and crusader against Prime Minister-appointed Senators – has appointed eighteen Senators who will agree with him in future, James Travers puts it equally nicely in the Toronto Star (Big brains better than big names):

Hey, ho, so it goes in a capital where nothing changes where a leader stands faster than where his party sits. Harper had no use for appointed senators until he needed a Montreal heavyweight, Michael Fortier, in his cabinet. Voters didn’t see the necessity and picked their own representative in the fall election. Still the Prime Minister moves on, using the faltering Liberal-NDP coalition as cover to reward the loyal, or seize political advantage, while resuscitating an institution he was allowing to wither.

So Stephen Harper “believes” what he believes only when it’s convenient. When the nasty hypocritical coward is running scared, he will sacrifice any belief or principle to help himself stay in power.

Throw ‘im to the wolves.


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