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Conservatives (Alliance + PCs) to *GOVERN* alongside Bloc, in 2000

You wonder why the Cons have gotten squeamish and so virulent in the last eight years.

Why, in 2000, when they made that little coalition deal with the Bloc, they didn’t just want the two parties — Alliance and Progressive Conservative — to govern the country while the Bloc promised to stay on the sidelines and support them in Confidence votes but otherwise go its own way.

No, my lovelies, no. They didn’t keep the Bloc at a distance, as the progressive Liberal-NDP cooperative government would promise to do this time.

Read their “Consensus Leadership for a New Century” (**) document, and pay particular attention to the following paragraph:

Canadians also made it clear by their votes that they desired ______ Members of Parliament from the Canadian Alliance, The Bloc Quebecois and the Progressive Conservative Party TO GOVERN. This is a majority of the Members of Parliament. In order to govern effectively, we will be required to govern by consensus. (emphasis and caps mine)

Do you get that? Do you GET that??

The present-day Conservative Party of Canada (i.e. the Alliance plus Progressive Conservative parties who would sign this document) would partner with the Bloc Quebecois alone (no other parties in their coalition), and the Cons and the Bloc would GOVERN. Both of them. No arms’ length here. THE BLOC WOULD GOVERN.

Later in the document they leave blanks to specify which percentage of Cabinet seats would come from the Alliance and which percentage from the PCs. They never specify that the Bloc would get none. It could easily be assumed that the Bloc would get whatever percentage was left after the other two. But whatever the case, the document specifies that the Cons and the Bloc would govern together.

“Don’t do as we do — do as we tell you.”

Fascist pig-dogs.

(** If the title of the above document rings any bells, there might be a reason.)


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  1. Politicians are full of crap. I can’t beleive people listen to them. But, at least we don’t have famines and machetes wielding guerrillas here eh.

    Comment by broadsunlituplands | December 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. PS: I am really sorry about inflicting W on our friendship.

    Comment by broadsunlituplands | December 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. Heh. I know politicians are crap — part of the problem is the inflaming rhetoric and teachings of the individual parties as well. Since the neo-Cons began influencing politics they’ve once again made it okay to call someone a “traitor” for disagreeing with you (even if they’re obeying the actual law), or to openly attack people just because they’re gay or black, in the name of “freedom of speech”.

    Yet IMO we have no choice but to have politicians. I know you disagree to a large extent; I myself was a member of the Libertarian Party of Canada for quite a while, but began to see that the results of not regulating things was vastly worse than any apparent “liberties” lost by having regulation. (And I think the current economy, a direct result of the laissez-faire system, provides even more evidence.) So I think we’re stuck with politicians — and have to watch them like hawks.

    So we’d have to disagree on our ideas of the solutions to our various problems — but we agree most definitely that virtually all politicians are crap.

    Comment by kashicat | December 4, 2008 | Reply

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