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Petition for Canadian coalition government!

Go there. Sign.

Once the system has your location, it will bring up the name of your own MP, with links to her/him as well as to other groups in your area that you can work with to bring this about.

Let’s turf the anti-democratic neo-Con regime out NOW. Let’s get a government that 62-64% of us actually voted for!

(And since I’m colossally busy and can’t give this nearly the time it deserves, go to Canadian Cynic for regular updates on the latest developments – with entertaining snark as dessert.)


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  1. Are you freaking serious!!!! 6 weeks ago we had an election and decided who was going to run the country.I guarantee if we were to rerun the election with the knowledge that the NDP and the Liberals were going to join the Bloc in this power grab the conservatives would have beeen handed a huge majority.

    Comment by Jason Sawitsky | December 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jason!

    Funny how no Cons EVER criticize the fact that Harper made the exact same sort of deal with the NDP (with the support of the Bloc) when the Liberals were in a minority.

    AND he went to the Governor-General to ask that she not just dissolve parliament when the Libs were defeated, but turn to him as an alternative.

    Funny how it’s always “Don’t do as I DO, do as I SAY” with the Cons. I guess it’s no longer IOKIYAR, but IOKIYA”C”.

    I am absolutely bloody serious. Constitutionally, if a minority party — especially very early in the mandate — displays that it does NOT have the confidence of the House to form a responsible government, it’s perfectly legal (and preferable) for the other parties to present a plan to form an alternative government, rather than plunge the country into yet another election.

    This is democratic, this is our parliamentary system, this is legal, this is the RULES. As Harper himself knew quite well when he tried to do it himself.

    And make no mistake — the “power play” happened last Thursday, with the Cons’ gratuitous attack on all the people they hate (unions, women with equal pay, all parties except themselves, blah blah, the usual targets of hate) — and more importantly, their plan to pretty much cripple or outright bankrupt all the other parties, to guarantee a Con rulership in Canada for a very, very, very long time to come.

    The Thugs down south tried to do that with voting machine rigging. Our Cons tried to do it more openly, sneering across the floor of the House, and daring anyone to stop their own coup d’etat.

    Well, guess what. We’re gonna stop them.

    AND. The 64% of us (the MAJORITY of Canadian voters) who did NOT vote for the Cons will actually, finally, get a government the majority of us voted for!

    Nice. Democratic.

    Comment by kashicat | December 1, 2008 | Reply

  3. If you want to here my thoughts:

    Comment by aproposofwetsnow | December 3, 2008 | Reply

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