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Focus on the Family demands that retailers link God and Mammon

Newsflash! As described in this article from in Colorado, the right-wing religious organization Focus on the Family is eagerly, nay almost militantly, demanding that retailers make sure to link Jesus and greedy capitalism as a celebration of Jesus’s birthday.

On Thursday the Colorado Springs-based ministry’s political action arm launched its second-annual holiday campaign by posting an online shoppers guide with three categories: “Christmas-friendly” retailers, “Christmas-negligent” retailers and “Christmas-offensive” retailers.

The “friendly” retailers are so designated because they prominently use “Merry Christmas” and other Christmas-specific references in their catalogs and in-store promotions.

God forbid that Christianity should share the Big! Money! Making! Season! with other seasonal celebrations like Kwanzaa and Hannukah, or even New Year’s.

Nope. Focus on the Family wants Jesus, and Jesus alone, to be connected to the malls, the big box stores, the raucous music in every store, the rush to buy buy buy, to benefit from the advertising, the money-grubbing, the huge spending, the going into debt to give Great Big Presents to people. Jesus ain’t gonna share ONE PENNY of that glorious gold, that fabulously filthy lucre, that marvelous Mammon, not with nobody, nohow. Not if Focus on the Family has its way.

It must be so comforting to God to know that Focus on the Family is so solicitous of Jesus’s public image like this, huh?


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