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CBC panders to Fox News, the National Post, and a right-wing astroturf campaign

Read about the CBC’s cowardice here, and here.

And this is Heather Mallick’s actual column: A Mighty Wind blows through Republican convention. Spread it around!

One portion of CBC publisher John Cruickshank’s self-justification that I find most appalling, in the entire abominable grovelling screed, is this:

The column, by award-winning freelance writer Heather Mallick, was also pilloried by The National Post in Canada and by Fox News in the U.S.

So…the CBC partly made its decision based on whining by FOX NEWS?? The right-wing American mouthpiece of Bush/Cheney’s neo-Con fascists?? Who hate the French, staunchly and stupidly vaunted their “freedom fries” abomination, and feature Ann Coulter (that lovely woman who wants all left-wingers rounded up and executed) as one of their so-called “pundits”? THAT Fox News?

Um…just what country do the CBC’s bosses reside in? I thought, if the CBC pandered to anybody, it was supposed to be CANADIANS. We are NOT the United States! To hell with what the Americans think of us! This is not either Fox News or the American Broadcasting Corporation!

Fucking cowards. Fucking cowards, hoping to god that if Harper’s own neo-Cons get a majority government and the CBC grovels enough, the Cons won’t kill their poor witto network.

This is my response sent to Mr. Cruickshank:

You, Mr. Cruickshank, have become a willing victim of a right-wing “astroturf” campaign, where a few pearl-clutching wingnuts who were forced to read a reality-based account of their world view drummed up a screaming horde to pile on you and complain, and pretend they represented a sizeable segment of society. I guarantee that most of the people who complained HAD NOT EVEN READ THE PIECE until told to do so by the few thin-skinned people who decided to roast you.

To make a move based on even a bit of whining from FOX NEWS?? What damn country do you live in, sir??

The network that hates the French and talks about “freedom fries” — helping you to derail a CBC columnist you should be supporting?? The same network that features brainless ANN COULTER — who wants left-wingers rounded up and executed??


I sense that you are attempting to pander to the right-wingers who, it seems, may soon have a majority in Parliament. Maybe you hope that they won’t kill your network, so you are selling your heritage for a mess of potage.

Fie on you for that cowardice, sir! I do NOT want the “alternate” view, from people who think the world is 6000 years old and think science and fact should be decided by ideology!

What you SHOULD be doing, if you have any integrity, is FIGHT FOR TRUTH. So what if the neo-Cons destroy your network as a result? GO DOWN FIGHTING, for gods’ sake!

Instead you compromise and compromise and compromise until the CBC has no integrity left.

I’m pretty close, at this point, to abandoning the CBC altogether. And you have no idea what a death that would be, for me.

You have betrayed the trust of the Canadian people by pandering to right-wing, America-based, neo-Con interests.

In the end, HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

Here are some excellent analyses of the CBC’s cowardly act:

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Dear MotherCorp – “Do you seriously believe that your last-minute recantation and offering up of your daughter will save you from the fire?”


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