Designated Driver of North America

Good god, is Harper THAT stupid?? Or just that nasty?

Does he really expect any Canadian with a brain to fall for the idea that if the Green Shift was implemented, it could actually tear the country apart??  It could have some effects, undoubtedly, good or bad, but something that extreme??

And the Cons say everyone else is a fearmonger if they say stuff like that.

They really have learned directly from the neo-Cons down south, haven’t they, when it comes to tactics?

The reason Harper’s remarks are so stupid – no, so outright nasty – is summarized perfectly by Stéphane Dion in that article: “While he was busy talking about building firewalls in the West, I was fighting to keep my country together… I do not need any lessons from Stephen Harper on fighting for the national unity of my country.”

Shame on you, Stephen Harper. Shame.

I guess Danny Williams was right: “There is nothing Harper will not do in order to win a majority government. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a party who purportedly offered a terminally ill MP a life insurance policy to get his vote… How low can you go?”

We’re beginning to get a good idea.


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