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Well, now at least I know who I’m NOT voting for

Stephen Harper – true to form, I might add – has effectively bullied all the main party leaders into refusing to allow the Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, to participate in the televised leaders’ debates during this election. This is Harper’s modus operandi, and the other leaders shrieked “How high??” when he told them to “Jump!”

From the CBC article linked above, Gilles Duceppe: “Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe said that while he never threatened to withdraw over the issue, his preference was to have just the leaders of the four major parties in Parliament, and that the Greens should not be included in the debate because they have not elected an MP to Parliament yet.”

Considering that the Bloc is included and they only represent Quebec and are not a national party at all — this is hypocrisy of the highest, most brazen, bald-faced, look-you-right-in-the-eye-and-lie order.

Coward, Duceppe!

Stéphane Dion: “Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said Monday that his party had supported May’s participation, but that he himself would not participate if Conservative Leader Stephen Harper were to boycott the debates.”

Right. Kowtow to the bully, rather than say, “We won’t succumb to your threats; we will be democratic even if you’re not, you tyrant.”

Coward, Dion!

Stephen Harper: “Harper said letting May participate in the debates would be in essence allowing a “second Liberal candidate” to participate, which he called “fundamentally unfair.”

What a snake. Considering that it has long, long, long been a practice in Canada for parties to have the courtesy not to run opposing candidates in the riding of a party leader (though once the Cons’ influence began to be felt more and more, this courtesy has fallen by the wayside as so many other courtesies have under their influence) – Harper is knowingly attempting to deceive the public here, and using the deception to prevent democratic debate as much as he can. (Since, guess what, Elizabeth May is the one leader not yelling “How high??” when he commands, “Jump!”)

Coward, Harper!

And very worst of all, Jack Layton: “NDP campaign spokesman Brad Lavigne confirmed late Monday that party leader Jack Layton had said he wouldn’t attend the debate if May were allowed to participate.

“‘We believe that as someone who’s endorsed Stéphane Dion to be the prime minister of Canada, she has endorsed Liberal candidates throughout the country,’ Lavigne said.”

Absolute, disgusting lies. Opportunistic, Tory-fed, American Republican-style, self-serving lies from the New Democrats, of all people!

Coward, coward, coward, Jack Layton!

Guess I’m votin’ Green, eh? ‘Cause I’m sure not voting for those anti-democratic, self-serving, hypocritical, greedy pigs.

Later added  note: a tally of bloggers who consider this a cowardly decision is being kept on the Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy blog. And leftdog, over at Buckdog, has a discussion going on in his Comments, about what can be done about this. Mostly it involves whether or not people should spoil ballots.


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