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Harper’s lies about “fixed elections”

Way back in May of 2006, Stephen Harper said this: “Fixed election dates stop leaders from trying to manipulate the calendar…They level the playing field for all parties…The only way we can have justice is to have a fixed election date, because an election without a fixed election date is a tremendous advantage for the party in power.”

So what is he about to do, tomorrow, a full year before Canada’s fixed election date?

He’s going to call an election.

In other words – manipulate the calendar. Take full advantage of the way this act favours the party in power – his party.

Oh, and the Cons have been running election advertising on television for two weeks already, since they knew they were going to contradict their own PASSED bill and call an election whenever they chose. So they’ve manipulated the calendar that way as well, and taken advantage of the fact that (minority or not) they’re the party in power.

So much for the level playing field.

Stephen Harper is a liar.


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  2. Stephen Harper has been in power for less than two years.
    He lied about Income Trusts destroying our seniors financial plans to be able to finance their old age with dignity some seniors have had to sell their homes.

    Stephen Harper is a blatant liar why would anyone vote for someone who really wants to be a President or a Dictator.

    The Conservative comment that they are voting Harper because the other guy can’t speak English is so immature.
    The other party is full of bright intelligent liberal leaders and since it takes more than one person to run this country I would rather vote for intelligence and a party that is open to fresh new ideas rather than a person like Harper who has proved he is a liar.

    Comment by Dennis Ashworth | September 25, 2008 | Reply

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