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Arguments against equal marriage: #1 Same-sex relationships can’t produce children

First of all, this argument has single-handedly annulled every heterosexual marriage that has not produced children. By this argument, every heterosexual person who can’t produce children for any reason (voluntary or involuntary) should be denied a marriage license if they seek one. Do anti-gay marriage people advocate this? No. They make exceptions for “their own kind.” This is the first hint that this objection has nothing whatsoever to do with producing children, and is based on something else entirely. Children are a mere smokescreen here.

Secondly, many gays and lesbians do have children. Even, shock of shocks, biological children! And many have adoptive children. But when these children aren’t being completely ignored by the anti-gay marriage people, they want to take them away from their parents altogether. Nice people, eh?

But the fact remains that the argument — “same-sex relationships can’t produce children” — is patently false. The children are there. They exist. Their very existence is a refutation of this so-called “argument.”

This is also a slap in the face to all adoptive children. By saying that two committed partners who adopt a child have an invalid relationship because they “can’t produce children,” these people are saying that adoptive children aren’t “real” children of their adoptive parents, and adoptive parents aren’t “real” parents.

I’m sure the anti-gay marriage people would immediately say, “Well, we don’t mean that heterosexual parents aren’t real parents of their adopted children.” So again, they make an exception for “their own kind.” Meaning that this objection has nothing whatsoever to do with the children and the parents, and is really about something else altogether.

This “can’t produce children” argument also presupposes that marriage basically has One Purpose Only: to produce babies. Perpetuate the race. Churn ’em out for the team.

What a narrow, joyless, clinical, mechanical definition of marriage! Any two strangers can meet once and make a baby, yet these people surely don’t think those strangers qualify to be married? A marriage is for more than only making babies. All that other stuff — the loving, nurturing relationship, the life commitment, the support, the shared goals, the togetherness — that can be as much a part of a same-sex relationship as it is of a dual-sex relationship. With or without children.

So much for that.

Arguments against equal marriage: #2 Same sex marriages harm the “Sanctity” of marriage


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