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Arguments against equal marriage: #3 Marriage partners should be “complements” like Men & Women

“Men and women are ‘different.’ A true marriage is a union of complements and differences.”

What “differences” are meant, exactly, by this argument?

Usually, the objectors are referring to the idea that men are a certain way, and women are a certain way, and therefore they complement each other in a marriage, in a way that you’ll never find with two men, or two women. But even that still doesn’t make it clear what the “differences” are supposed to be.

Do we mean differences in temperament? This is one of the things they mean, but it can’t stand as an argument, because there are as many different temperaments as there are people in the world. There are independent, hard-nosed, driving women and there are sensitive, nurturing, consensus-building men. Even among heterosexual relationships we find that the stereotypes don’t fit very well. An awful lot of “aggressive” women have to be taught to be docile and compliant and supposedly “agreeable”, and a lot of “weak” men have to be taught to be assertive and aggressive and “manly.” The stereotypes obviously don’t come nearly as “naturally” as we are told, if men and woman have to work so hard to learn and live up to them.

So. There are as many possible temperament combinations among gays and lesbians as there are among straights. “Differences in temperament” meaning that only heterosexuals should get married? This is an argument that holds no water at all.

So what else can possibly be meant by these “differences” that must force two men or two women apart, but somehow cement a man/woman combination “naturally” together? Differences in personality? Outlook? Nurturing impulses? Values?

All of these things vary from person to person, and in every coupling on earth, you will find a slightly different combination of all these things. Two men or two women have just as much difference in these categories as any man/woman couple. So in none of these categories whatsoever does the “differences” argument carry any weight.

So, what can these objectors mean by “differences”??

Think about it. What is the only possible difference left? What is the real objection behind all these other smokescreen objections?

GENITALS. As always. There is absolutely nothing else left that is different enough to make them object so strongly.

Always, with these people, it comes down to genitals. You’ve got similar genitals, you can’t get married. You’ve got different genitals — GO FOR IT. They take no real consideration of people’s commitment or values or people’s desire to form a family of support and nurturing. Nope. Shove all those things aside —  shove aside all the things that make a REAL family —  and think only of the genitals. Blast all that commitment and nurturing and support and dedication to bits, just so long as two men’s genitals aren’t bumping together in a way that makes these objectors squeamish. Eeeeew!

And they say it’s homosexuals who base everything on sex and can’t think of anything else.

Anyway. Third argument tossed out and shown for the sex-obsessed thing it is.

Arguments against equal marriage: #4 Just use a different word from ‘marriage’


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